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About the Information Provided……

“The amount of information discussed during the sessions was very informative and reassuring”

“We found it really enjoyable and hugely beneficial. The breadth of information provided, the insight to the labour/birthing and hospital, the increased sense of ‘knowledge’ and confidence.”

“This course provides a great knowledge about hypnobirth and birth in general, learning how to relax and not be afraid, what actually happens when you give birth and involving my birth partner so he knows what to do”

“It was much more than Hypnobirthing, was a proper antenatal class. I now feel fully informed.”

“The more informed I became the less intimidated I was about the process”

“The level of information provided from anatomy and the workings of the body during labour to the hypnosis and mantras that can be used. Knowing that my body is fully equipped to deal with labour. It’s all about my mindset.”

“The knowledge gained has certainly added to a greater confidence in our ability in the birthing process”

“The facts about labour!!! It was great to know the facts and all the myths binned.”

“Reviewing all options in a calm and supportive and very informative way was excellent, open discussion approach was very good, broadened knowledge of whole Hypnobirthing area.”

“Surrounding myself with positivity about birth for four consecutive weeks. It was very reassuring and comforting. I learned things I never would’ve about my body if I hadn’t done this course.”

About Nadia………

“Nadia was very encouraging and positive and gave me and my husband the confidence we both needed.”

“Nadia was very knowledgeable and explained everything in a very clear and pleasant way.”

“Nadias very easy to talk about any questions. Medical explanations were excellent and now feel informed and much more confident about the whole thing”

“The fact that Nadia is a midwife- invaluable hospital experience!”

“Nadia is very calm and lovely voice when reading!”

“I loved the atmosphere created in the classroom by Nadia, it was an open environment that allowed questions to be asked that I felt eased my fears.”

“Great teacher – explained everything thoroughly and put us at ease.”

“Nadias guidance, information and sharing experiences were very effective. Her skill was in facilitating confidence to grow in us.”

“Nadia was very knowledgeable, it was useful to have all the necessary information presented in a helpful manner and at the same time be able to discuss as a group together.”

“Encouraging to listen to Nadia’s expertise and knowledge about pregnancy and giving birth. Great to be able to ask questions and get answers.”

“Nadias experience as a midwife was so very interesting to listen to.”

About Reducing Fear……….

“By covering all aspects of the birthing process the fear went with increased knowledge”

“My mindset change in seeing pregnancy in less fearful way. Emphasis on positivity was hugely beneficial.”

“Learning how to take the fear out of birth and to know that my body knows what to do, to listen to my body and I feel I have the tools I need to birth my baby”

“It has certainly helped in reducing the fear of the birthing process”

“Taking away the fear of the unknown, meeting other couples at similar stages of pregnancy, practical info about labour, explanations of what may happen and how to cope.”

“The CD and relaxation tools are excellent and the amount you learn on the course is really fantastic. It totally takes the fear out of labour and childbirth.”

About their Pregnancy and Birth…….

“Looking forward to the challenge of birthing”

“It has given me the confidence to apply these methods to my own birthing however it may turn out!”

“Found it beneficial to involve my partner and let him become part of the birthing process and give him the tools to support me.”

“I had a specific idea of how I wanted my birth to go but Nadia has helped me come around to the idea of having an open mind to whatever path my birth will take.”

“Enabling me with confidence to know my options in choices I can make without feeling I am being an awkward patient.”

“Knowing what to expect, being given the tools to have confidence in the ability to have a calm, relaxed birth experience”

“The course allowed the birthing woman to approach their birth in the way that works for them.”

The Partners Perspective……

“As a partner I learned a huge amount of information, very insightful and helps me to feel part of the experience”

“The course encouraged me to engage with my partners pregnancy more and to feel more confident and relaxed about it for myself and for her”

“I now know my part and how I can help at birth”

“Nadia was very practical and yet always upbeat and encouraging.”